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Who we are

Heroica Theatre Company (formerly Square Peg Productions, founded 2005) champions the achievements of maverick women.

The experience of a Heroica production is unique. Each play event illuminates the life of a secret heroine, celebrating a woman of great achievement, often a maverick and usually unsung. It also reimagines the relationships between history and the present day, and between a story and the place in which an audience watches it unfold.

For Heroica Theatre Company – based in the Pennines and operating all over the UK – location and environment provide much more than a backdrop to the action. Every Heroica event offers audiences a completely fresh engagement with a place, be it previously known to them or not. And the promenade style of performance ensures that, as audiences discover the previously hidden lives of history’s women, they simultaneously find the hidden corners of extraordinary buildings or outdoor spaces.

With Heroica you won’t just watch as the story unfolds, you’ll taste and touch it too. This is theatre that genuinely collaborates with its audience, taking you on a journey, often outdoors, always in unusual spaces, and inviting you to roll up your sleeves and engage with activity along the way.

The company founders

Angela Cairns

Angela Cairns

Alexandra Mathie

Alexandra Mathie

Our performers

  • Ashley Smith (High Res)
  • John_Kielty_Headshot_2014-24 2
  • Robert Garrett
  • Rayyah McCaul
  • Shenagh Govan
  • Pauline Lockhart
  • Emma Kearney
  • Olwen May
  • Irene Allan
  • Kenny Blyth
  • Mike Hugo


Heroica Theatre Company is a Registered Charity (number 1162839).

Board of Trustees:

Amanda Dalton (chair)
Jo Bird (secretary)
Helen Plaice (treasurer)
Roger Standen