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An Eclipse of the Sun


Lady Anne Neville, daughter to Richard, Earl of Warwick – the ‘kingmaker’ – lived at Middleham Castle alongside her cousin Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later to become Richard 111). Her father’s declining fortunes and her early marriage to Edward, Prince of Wales left her both cast adrift and widowed by the age of 16. She was rescued by Richard and brought back to Middleham to a decade or so of blissful married existence. The couple’s accession of the throne of England, the death of her 10-year-old son Edward, the implications of her husband in treasonous machinations and her own ill health saw her dead at Middleham by the age of 28, a tragically short and cheated young life.

An Eclipse of the Sun by Anna Carlisle
Cast: Robert Garrett, Mike Hugo, Rayyah McCaul