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An Owl in the Desert


The feisty and glorious Lady Anne Clifford, Jacobean heroine of the North, who – with her entourage and enemies – comes to life before your eyes within the courtyards, corners and crannies of historic Skipton Castle and Brougham Castle, the inspiring ‘homes’ of Lady Anne and the illustrious Clifford dynasty.

Lady Anne Clifford was born in Skipton in 1590 and died at Brougham Castle in 1676. She struggled with her husband and her king to inherit her rightful estates: one hundred miles of them from Skipton to Carlisle. Succeeding finally at 59, she devoted the rest of her long life to rebuilding this heritage of lands, schools, hospitals, churches and chapels – overseen in her famous journeys across the hills on nothing more than a horse-litter but with an entourage of hundreds – guardian and landlord to estates older than the Conqueror.

An Owl in the Desert by Anna Carlisle
Cast: Robert Garrett, Alexandra Mathie