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The heroines explored by Heroica Theatre Company to date represent seven extraordinary women dating from 1456 – 1992. All playscripts are for sale (£5 plus p&p) and available on application to the company (see contact details below).

The plays provide a valuable educational reference for school or adult learning programmes concerned with women’s history. The texts can be used for full scale productions or for written responses. Extension activities around the texts and eras covered are available on application to the company.

To download a sample extract, please click on the title of the play in the list below.

ECLIPSEimageAn Eclipse of the Sun – Queen Anne Neville (1456 – 1485)

OWLimageAn Owl in the Desert – Lady Anne Clifford (1590 – 1676)

PEARLimageA Pearl in the Sands – Margaret Fell (1614 – 1702)

BELLADONNAimageThe Chelsea Belladonna – Elizabeth Blackwell (1707 – 1758)

Woven in the FabricWOVENimage – Martha Crossley (1775 – 1854) and Lavena Saltonstall (1881 – 1957)

SECRETLYimageSecretly Pleased – Alice Longstaff (1907 – 1992)

For all enquiries please contact Heroica Theatre Company on 01422 844901 or email info@heroicatheatrecompany.co.uk.