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Up with the latest: October 2015

What exciting developments! Following the success of our first development day – the public script-excerpt readings and Q&A session at the Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh on 17 September, and where so many of our already-treasured friends and collaborators were present – we look forward now to our first fund-raising event for the 2017 touring production: an illustrated talk on Joan Eardley’s drawings by Matilda Mitchell, here in Hebden Bridge on 31 October (all details below or on our NEWS page).

Our research and development work only becomes more and more fascinating and rewarding: we continue to meet the most extraordinary people, all connected to Joan Eardley in one way or another, be they relatives, friends, biographers, gallery personnel or Joan’s actual painting subjects! It sometimes feels to us as if Joan herself is – from the heavens – steering us towards those figures we should meet and know in order to proceed fully legitimately with our plans to tell her life and bring her works and her name to the wider British public.

Apart from our existing partners – National Galleries Scotland and Stellar Quines Theatre Company – those we have so far met, secured the support of, and engaged positively in our project are:

Alexandra Mathie, Gabriel Quigley and Simon Donaldson (actors)

Marilyn Imrie (director)

Christopher Andreae

Guy Peploe (The Scottish Gallery)

Peter McCormack, Andrea O’Neill (Lillie Art Gallery)

Douglas Hall

Matilda Mitchell

Ann Samson, Pat Samson

Lynne Green

Jake Attree

Stuart Buchanan

Kim Canale (Wall Projects, Montrose)

Amber Foot (the Fleming Collection, London)

Anne Morrison

Peter Robson

random arts giving.


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