Maverick Monologues

Maverick Monologues - developed from an idea put into action by a friend in New York (Tulis McCall and ‘Monologues and Madness’) - gives the platform to anyone who wishes to take it to deliver a monologue (in the first-person voice) from the perspective of any woman - living or dead, known to us or unknown, from any part of the world - who we deem remarkable or extraordinary and definitely unsung.

In all thus far, four very successful evenings (two in 2018 at The White Lion in Hebden Bridge, and a further two in March and May 2019 at Chapter 17 in Market Street, Hebden Bridge) have seen a steady stream of presenters and listeners, and augur well for this exciting new model to grow apace.

So far 20 different speakers have presented insights into 31 different amazing women:
(You can now click on the names of nearly all our Maverick Women and follow the link to the full presentation.)

Ann Banks - Fanny Burney, Ruth B Drown and Sara Josephine Baker
Jo Bird - Grace O'Malley
Angie Cairns - Rosa Bonheur, Margaret Morris and Pat Douthwaite
Amanda Dalton - Claude Cahun and Hilda Doolittle
Deborah Delano - Catherina Linck, Lotte Hahm and ‘Anonymous’ (author of A Woman in Berlin)
Julian Harber - Lavena Saltonstall
Hannah Lawson - Jenny Darlington
Alison Leonard - M J Long, Caroline Norton and Liao Hongying
Jill Liddington - Anne Lister
Alex Mathie - Tulis McCall (founder of Monologues and Madness, NYC), Marion Campbell and Mary Mathie
Geoff Tansey - Lucy Tansey
Catherine Willis - Alice Emily Ray
Brenda Whisker - Sheila Shulman
Kath Tansey - Evelyn Lyle Kalças
Judith Appleton - Gertrude Bell
Di Seymour - Margaret Harris and Nora Davies
Catherine and Ruth Holtom-Putz - Edith Mary Hanbury Bigland
Sue Wilde - Ethel Carnie Holdsworth
Angela Greenwood - Jane Greenwood

Come and join us! Just to listen and support, or to present a monologue (strict time-limit of 5 minutes) yourself. Please email Angie at this website (click on the envelope you will find on every page) to let us know your subject, and we will devise the next exciting programme.

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